Is Norman Finkelstein a Zionist Stooge?

by therapeofjustice

Is Norman Finkelstein a Zionist Stooge?

Even worse is his stance on the Holocaust.  He made his name in 2000, with his ‘radical’ book The Holocaust Industry.  As before, we can be sure that neither his English publisher Verso, nor the printer of his German translation (Piper Verlag), nor any of the other 15 foreign-language publishers would have produced the book if it really got to the heart of the Holocaust story.  Finkelstein’s main concern is the hype surrounding the event, and the misuse of the money—chiefly, that it’s not going to the ‘right people.’  But he implicitly accepts virtually all of the traditional story.

I am sadly going to have to say YES. I am more and more starting to think Norman is doing more harm than good. He is scooping up anyone with a shred of doubt and preventing them from digging deeper and with his stance and emotional antics actually promoting both the big H and Israel/Zionism. Hard to decipher if it is willful on his part or he is being used.